133 Best Dating Profile Bios That You Can Use On Any App!

If you can make light-hearted jokes that show who you are in a few sentences, you have hit the jackpot. Good online dating profile examples for men always include funny one-liners. These will automatically bump your profile over countless others. If you are looking to woo, say, a hotIrish woman, then this is the way […]

How Do People With BPD Act In Relationships?

I’m at a loss of how to enforce the respect as he doesn’t really care if I pull away or do certain things. BPD isn’t that difficult to deal with once you have the right mindsets, knowledge and skills. You really need to establish your independence from the beginning because trying to get these people […]

Is Carbon Dating A Reliable Method For Determining The Age Of Things?

Carbon-14 dating can be used to determine the age of everything from bones and plant fibers, to wood and pollen. Radioactive decay occurs when a species is unstable, so it emits energy and/or particles to stabilize itself. By using wood samples from trees once buried under glacial ice, Libby proved that the last ice sheet […]

Dating Stats: Your Chances Of Getting Rejected By A Girl You Like

Sara Kuburic is a therapist who specializes in identity, relationships and moral trauma. Every week she shares her advice with our readers. It’s no surprise why Pinterest and Instagram have become a millennials best friend; we don’t truly know or understand why we do things at a conscious and subconscious level. As with everything in life, […]

Top 10 Tips For Dating A Divorced Woman

You may fear you’ve missed your one and only opportunity at partnering up for life. Having those fears challenged by the evidence in front of you feels rather empowering. The first thing you have to keep in mind is that your new significant other is not your spouse — which is exactly why you’re with […]

The Truth About Avoidant Personality Disorder In Relationships

The first thing you need to know about dating someone with a strong personality is they absolutely LOVE their independence. As you hear their words, you should make sure you’re really listening and absorbing what they’re saying. You’ll gain a firmer grasp on how AVPD functions and learn much more about how it distorts self-awareness […]

The 10 Best Dating Apps Of 2019

The app creates the perfect environment for couples and thirds to find one another. Since everyone on the app is at least remotely interested in a nontraditional arrangement, you can cut through the awkwardness and figure out whether you’re actually compatible. The most impressive feature of the app is its “Behavioural matchmaking engine”. This feature […]

16 Harsh Truths About Modern Dating You Must Face

Then, you have done nothing but nurture that for the past decade. But as serious as they are and as much as they care about what they are doing, sometimes even they need to step away from their work. It’s a trait a lot of people admire in them and strive to be more like. […]

The “72 Hour Pause” Rule

Providing emergency withdrawal management under the 72-hour rule hinges on the ability to arrange ongoing care. In this pilot case, bridge clinic providers were able to link the patient to a local OTP that offers direct admissions in two days. Two days is still too long to wait for life-saving treatment; however, many OTPs report […]