Companionship is obviously a big part of relationships, Boyd says, and some people need to spend more time with a partner than others. For instance, if one person is more independent, the partner who isn’t might feel like their partner doesn’t enjoy spending time with them. In the same way, a more independent person might feel smothered by their partner’s constant need to spend time together. How should we approach this issue so if we do get married how to decide which church we will attend and raise our children in?

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In the worst case scenario, one partner feels frustrated and unfulfilled with their sex life, so they decide to look elsewhere. Concordia Publishing House is the publisher of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod dedicated to spreading the Gospel message of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world. Americans say it has become harder to date people with different political views in recent years.

‘Mandigo’ and ‘Spicy Latin Lover’ stereotypes about men of color are also harmful. Notice that all of these stereotypes are sexualized, turning people into objects and ideas. Admiring the differences in a partner who is of a different race is fine. Turning those differences into things to be compartmentalized and sexualized?

Either way, developing your relationship in the virtual realm can be beneficial because you will focus on learning more about the individual and seeing how you get along in every other way. You might “click” with someone so well that the difference in religion is not seen as a significant challenge. We have gone to the same church all our lives; we went to Sunday School and confirmation together—we even stood next to each other during our Confirmation questioning!

Often when people ask us about the “irreconcilable differences” in our faiths, what they are referring to is conflicting dogmas. But doctrine should not be confused with faith, or even with religious affiliation. Many believers disagree with the official views of their respective religious leadership. Who doesn’t know an Evangelical who differs from their church’s stance on same-sex marriage, or abortion? Who doesn’t know a Catholic who thinks birth control, or divorce, is morally acceptable?

Be sure to have a discussion about religion before things get too serious. And make sure to look for red flags along the way as a tip to stay away and pick better. A guy you are with should link love you for you and never try to convert you, unless this is something you are interested in or willing to at least try. It needs to be a decision you want and are willing to make.

And due to your relationship with your family, it may be a reaction you’ll be unable to ignore. Prepare yourself for possible negative reactions and outcomes before you talk to your family so there are no surprises. Religion is a very important topic to go over with your significant other. Sit down with a list of questions already drawn up and go back and forth asking each other the questions.

You might find that you connect with Christ better through the new way than how you always did it. You could also simply feel wildly out of place and awkward. Cross generational friendships are wonderfully valuable, but it can be hard to really find fellowship when there is no one at your stage of life to whom you can relate.

How open are you to participating in rituals of the other’s religion?

Both Non-religious and religious people can easily tolerate and accept the differences between their values, if they are flexible and respectful enough. There will always be extreme believers and non-believers who will refuse to date someone else with differing views to their own. With the emergence of religious niche dating apps such as Christian Dating, Jdate and Muzmatch, the question must be raised; should you date someone religious?

That leads me to my fifth point, which is that most of your concerns can be resolved by a good conversation that takes the differences and considers how they might play out. For instance, you take what you each believe about baptism and play it all the way out to what you teach, how you baptize your own children and other believers, etc. If so, then continue moving down the list of major concerns.

Regardless of a different denomination, if a man hears the Lord and obeys…he will not steer you or your future family wrong. Second, we as women must be willing to follow whomever God has for us. There can only be one leader in a household, just like there is only one Captain of a ship. At lunch one day, a friend said something that changed my perspective.

If you’re not, communicate that clearly, and encourage them to spend that time with friends or family members who share their faith instead. Another big issue you may face is when it comes to raising children and how you respect both of your religious beliefs in this situation. The only snag they hit was when they had children, as the grandparents each wanted the kids raised with their own faiths. L and S got around this by saying that they would raise the children with both religions, and allow them to choose their own paths as they got older. It can be tough to be in a relationship with a partner who pretends to be someone they’re not — especially if you’re someone who embraces you who are. While many people tend to show off their best selves at the start of a relationship, it’s important to be your genuine self as time goes on.

You stand together as a couple, not as two individuals. Friends and family need to understand and support this. Another example might be to create a new family holiday based on an important date to your family, maybe your wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday. It is very important that you and your partner do not convert because of too much pressure from the other person.