Yes, you’re the boss, the king, the leader… you are dominant in the relationship. However, it doesn’t make your man a slave. He’s a human… just as women are humans in traditional relationships. Most often, we get too excited to share or oppose the idea of our partners that we don’t listen at all.

Making your Female Led Relationship Agreement

But this is not limited to women – even a man can lose his real self if he is always trying to keep up with his wife. Furthermore, to ensure that the relationship works smoothly, the woman must balance everything and allow her man to contribute LatinFeels profiles his ideas and thoughts. While giving all that power to women is amazing, you must keep in mind that not everybody is capable of making the best use of what they have. It is important that dominance doesn’t get the best of them.

Many people will pass crude remarks about your relationship. Some will call the woman bossy and selfish, some will make jokes about the man’s masculinity. Honesty is important in any interpersonal relationship.

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I know it’s there, but can’t really see it, and certainly don’t look for it. Only once in awhile, the sun aligns in such a way that the shadow is standing right in front of me. No matter how far I run, it’s still there, taunting me. I love soaking in this amazing contentment that I feel.

In fact, many Christian churches teach mutual submission or egalitarian relationships. Even churches that teach submission emphasize that husbands must be willing to lay down their lives for their wives just as Christ did for the church. Likewise, domestic discipline communicates that she deserves to be punished for making mistakes or not living up to her husband’s expectations. These beliefs are in line with what most abusive partners assert—that she deserves it or that she brought it upon herself. Votes and vetoes can be listed her as well.

Yesterday, he would not leave Mj’s side. When she came home, from school, he insisted on touching her at all times. Sunny, and right around 70 degrees. I broke down, and went to T-Mobile and got my kids iPhones. I wouldn’t let them have “smart” phones, until now. They’ve been begging Adam and I, for awhile now.

Both parties agree to the general premise and the specific guidelines. The difference is that the consequences of violating those agreements arealso agreed upon. Lying isn’t just the deliberate speaking of a falsehood, it is any behavior that either intentionally misleads someone or even allows them to be misled. A resource for dominant women wishing to train and condition their submissive male with loving discipline.

I’ve been getting UTIs for the last 3 yrs and have been on constant antibiotics ever since. Most of the times the bacteria is E Coli. I stumbled on a Youtube video a while back about the Christian version and was very confused. We’re Christians so it made sense to us up until the punishing part.

I’m in a Hurry (And Don’t Know Why)

Only mid 60s, and mostly been cloudy. We got lots of thunder and lightning. Last night, we all watched Morgan Wallen’s live concert, from my kitchen. Jackie brought her TV up, and the sound bar, for extra surround sound.

That’s such an “old fashioned” way of doing things, but I love it. I suppose I should get my ziti started. All I do for that, is take a pound of ground beef and brown it. I boil my ziti noodles on the stove, and then mix noodles with the sauce and ground beef in a casserole dish.